Providers numbers

West Tampa

Edgardo Feliciano, MD
Amerigroup: 04543563

Jose Sanchez, MD
CarePlus: 1134373
Freedom: P1046721
Optimum: P979a418
Simply: P01804674
Wellcare: 1256831
Amerigroup: 03957067

East Orlando

Hilda Cruz, MD
CarePlus: 1137977
Freedom: P1048326
Optimum: P981039
Wellcare: 1332884

Aixa Lajara, MD
CarePlus: 1133316
Freedom: P1043313
Optimum: P979938
Simply: P01805021
Wellcare: 1230723

Luis Mendez, MD
CarePlus: 1115200
Freedom: P1022915
Optimum: P961577
Simply: P01780986
Wellcare: 1070067

Sara Rodriguez, MD
CarePlus: 1021160
Freedom: P105425
Optimum: P302464
Simply: P01740855
Wellcare: 572738
Amerigroup: 03956953

Maria Vazquez, MD
CarePlus: 1127399
Freedom: P1042457
Optimum: P976675
Simply: P01795083
Wellcare: 1236625

West Orlando

Carlos Lugo, MD
CarePlus: 1127735
Freedom: P1023726
Optimum: P968277
Simply: P01788991
Wellcare: 1220700

Zumilvette Ortiz, MD
CarePlus: 1096335
Freedom: P101881
Optimum: P957443
Simply: P01759010
Wellcare: 991644

Zy Soto, MD
CarePlus: 1124158
Freedom: P1028887B
Optimum: P966036B


Betzy Acevedo, MD
CarePlus: 1134162
Freedom: P1043312
Optimum: P977394
Simply: P01800814
Wellcare: 1245954

Diego Clavell, MD
CarePlus: 1106525
Freedom: P1018759
Optimum: P957352
Simply: P01759124
Wellcare: 1031514

Mariel Pinero Santiago, MD
CarePlus: 1127744
Freedom: P1027245
Optimum: P964697
Simply: P01785825
Wellcare: 1114675


Ian Figueroa, MD
CarePlus: 1129280

Maria Guzman, MD
CarePlus: 1127403
Freedom: P1035660
Optimum: P974796
Simply: P01795765
Wellcare: 1256824

Benjamin Moreno, MD
CarePlus: 1106763
Freedom: P1019490
Optimum: P958091
Simply: P01742010
Wellcare: 754473
Amerigroup: 03957067

Melissa Ortiz, MD
CarePlus: 1106527
Freedom: P1018390
Optimum: P957012
Simply: P01759023
Wellcare: 980914

Arelis Rodriguez - Caban, MD
CarePlus: 1127734
Freedom: P1030246
Optimum: P967110
Simply: P01788348
Wellcare: 1129149

Palm Harbor

Zozan Al Saadi, MD
CarePlus: 1102525
Freedom: P1040710
Optimum: P975328
Simply: P01725560
Wellcare: 1241664

ST. Petersburg

Suzanne Johnson, MD
CarePlus: 1133622
Freedom: P1002560
Optimum: P977261
Simply: P01727732
Wellcare: 1269771
Amerigroup: 04210992


Michael Degnan, MD
CarePlus: P016003
Freedom: P994115
Optimum: P935624
Simply: P01725438
Wellcare: 698641

Maria Sanchez, MD

Juan Carlos Escandon, MD
CarePlus: 1091787
Freedom: P1018445
Optimum: P957048
Simply: P01733297
Wellcare: 717559

Vimayla Gonzalez, MD
CarePlus: 1112252
Freedom: P1019554
Optimum: P958122
Simply: P01765883
Wellcare: 1020865

Omar Perez, MD
CarePlus: 1134125
Simply: P01811539
Wellcare: 1250943

Nelson Pichardo, MD
CarePlus: 1031077
Freedom: P1018297
Optimum: P202686 Simply: P01725962 Wellcare: 699467

Keyshla Rivera, MD

South Lakeland

Monica Clemente, MD
CarePlus: 1126806
Freedom: P1032362D
Optimum: P968715D
Simply: P01789717
Wellcare: 1208528

Sarim Idrees, MD
CarePlus: 1130322
Simply: P01800659
Wellcare: 1223024

Sam Korley, MD
CarePlus: 1013772
Freedom: P998051
Optimum: P939927
Simply: P01725443
Wellcare: 00494

Luis Favilli, MD
CarePlus: 1065158
Freedom: P1047749
Optimum: P980687
Simply: P0001624
Wellcare: 5075

Nancy Blas, MD
CarePlus: 1134584
Freedom: P1047941
Optimum: P980816
Wellcare: 1308278

Joel Gonzalez Mendez, MD
CarePlus: 1132606
Simply: P01800816
Wellcare: 1265948

Tomas Ferrer, MD
CarePlus: 1120450
Freedom: P1035883
Optimum: P971630
Simply: P01790439
Wellcare: 1256821

Ricardo Perez, MD
CarePlus: 1064934
Freedom: P111168
Optimum: P956980
Simply: P017225967
Wellcare: 12298

Keila Tosado, MD
CarePlus: 1082657
Freedom: P1047832
Optimum: P952693
Simply: P01756781
Wellcare: 1256855

North Lakeland

Glorimar Gonzalez, MD
CarePlus: 1132523
Freedom: P1042529
Optimum: P976724
Simply: P01801997
Wellcare: 1257328

Nildamarys Hernandez, MD
CarePlus: 1132552
Freedom: P1041969
Optimum: P976277
Simply: P01803366
Wellcare: 1234365

Luis Velazquez, MD
CarePlus: 1122978
Freedom: P1029959
Optimum: P966809
Simply: P01787335
Wellcare: 1128295

Winter Haven

Mayra Casta, MD
CarePlus: 1140269

Karol Fortich, MD
CarePlus: 1081658
Freedom: P987295
Optimum: P956878
Simply: P01735132
Wellcare: 779201
Amerigroup: 04537764

Jorge Gaud, MD
CarePlus: 1133983
Freedom: P104576A
Optimum: P977633A
Simply: P01803367
Wellcare: 1270876


Robert Hung, MD
CarePlus: 1116974
Wellcare: 1278653

Jessica Rosario, MD
CarePlus: 1070498
Freedom: P112813
Optimum: P201556
Simply: P01785797
Wellcare: 272552

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