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InHealth MD Alliance is a dynamic and visionary company focused on providing high-quality medical services through physicians and professionals committed to the overall health and wellness of patients attending each center that is part of the IMA Medical Group. By addressing the major challenges facing the healthcare industry, IMA Medical Group has taken a proactive and inclusive attitude to benefit our communities. These benefits are focused on ensuring the great medical care with a commitment to service, reduction of medical costs, the integration of new technology with an effective communication and coordination of services between our centers doctors and other proficients.

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Always thinking about the needs of our patients and assuring them an experience of confidence, comfort, and convenience, IMA Medical Group has positioned itself as a leader, providing optimal personalized medical care and wellbeing at every stage of life. With more than 20 medical centers in 6 Florida counties and a team of outstanding medical care with a respectful and caring approach in an inverting and comfortable office the IMA Experience. IMA Medical Group has become a home where health, preventative care and compassion are always present. Our personalized unhurried care offered by doctors to each patient, the short waiting time, the 24/7 telephone line with direct contact with our physicians. transportation services for eligible patients have allowed us to be a critical part of the physical, mental and emotional health of thousands of families. 

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